Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Banish that Bad Taste in your Kettle

Recently, there's been lots of talk in the media about a bad taste in your cuppa from certain kettles. Here's our advice to find out if it's the water or the kettle, and if anything can be done about it.

1. Try boiling the water in a pan to see how it tastes. If you can determine that the taste has come from the kettle - and it's a new kettle - then boil it four or five times to see if the peculiar taste goes away. There may be manufacturing chemicals present. If it doesn't, then pour in half a box of Bicarbonate of Soda and leave to treat for an hour. Then add water, boil it and pour away. Boil it once more using just water and then discard. If the taste still lingers then it’s time to return it to the retailer!

2. If it tastes bad from the pan AND the kettle, then buy some bottled water and try that. If the taste IS from the tap water, then contact your water company and they will investigate. Ask the neighbours if they've noticed a change as well.

3. If it's an existing kettle and the water tastes fine with pan boiled water, it may be time for a clean and descale. If so, follow these tips: http://www.dri-pak.co.uk/kitchen-cleaning-tips/kettles.html#.VVsVpvAeriE

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